Beading workshops in honour of Métis veterans

Beadwork holds a special place in Métis culture, serving as a spiritual practice that fosters reflection and storytelling.

Métis artists, drawing from European, First Nations, and Métis aesthetics, have crafted a distinct style that reflects the unique blend of these influences.

In a tribute to Métis veterans, Shannon Beagan, a Métis citizen and skilled beader, has designed a special poppy pattern for Indigenous Veterans Day. Through workshops for adult and youth beaders, Shannon will teach this pattern, providing an opportunity to reflect on the significant contributions of Métis veterans to Canada and honor their stories and sacrifices.

Funding from the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF) will cover essential aspects of the workshops, including a teacher honorarium, materials and facility rentals. 

The art of beadwork has become a unique symbol of Métis cultural identity, so much so that some First Nations refer to the Métis as the “Flower Beadwork People.” Through this initiative, the Métis community continues to strengthen its cultural bonds and pass down traditions to younger generations.

Diocese of Peterborough