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Building Bridges: Truth and Reconciliation with The People Bridge Advocacy

The People Bridge Advocacy (PBA) is a non-profit organization that builds positive relationships among diverse communities. In 2017, PBA partnered with Elder and Knowledge Keeper Harry Lafond and the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation to bring together Indigenous and New Canadian communities to exchange knowledge on Indigenous history and cultures.

“Truth and Reconciliation – Walking Together” has since grown into an ongoing initiative, supported by funding from the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF) since June 2023.

 The project fosters mutual respect and collaboration through workshops, training sessions led by Elders, and community-building events. An established Elders/Knowledge Keeper advisory support team provides spiritual and cultural guidance.

The initiative runs Truth and Reconciliation and Indigenous traditional learning/teaching activities, workshops, cultural visits and community-building events. An annual Reconciliation Sharing Circle commemorates the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, bringing together Canadians and Indigenous people to share and learn.

Visits to First Nations reserves and Métis settlements provide hands-on learning experiences to participants. Cultural and intercultural community-building events, sports and Indigenous games, storytelling festivals, and more help foster connections between new Canadians and ethnocultural and Indigenous communities.

Many immigrants arrive unaware of the Indigenous history of Canada and the reconciliation process. Through activities led by Elders and Knowledge Keepers, “Truth and Reconciliation – Walking Together” addresses the crucial need for reconciliation education among newcomers and immigrants, bridging the gap between Indigenous peoples and newcomers, especially those in racialized communities.

About The People Bridge Advocacy:

The People Bridge Advocacy (PBA) is a non-profit organization in Saskatoon dedicated to building and fostering positive and productive relationships among new Canadians, mainstream Canadians, and Indigenous communities. They aim to create a more equitable society through cross-cultural initiatives, decolonization, and civic engagement. PBA collaborates with local communities and institutions, offering programs including Truth and Reconciliation, capacity building, advocacy for socioeconomic equity, and cultural activities. Their work fosters inclusivity and builds connections and partnerships between communities, including Indigenous people, primarily with the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation.

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