Decolonizing Wellness: Empowering Indigenous Youth

Recognizing the importance of holistic well-being, TELUS World of Science-Edmonton (TWOSE) is stepping up its efforts to provide more comprehensive and culturally relevant programming for Indigenous youth.

While their existing programs have drawn inspiration from Indigenous teachings, particularly the Medicine Wheel concept, TWOSE acknowledges the need to enhance offerings that address the Physical and Emotional quadrants of the holistic model.

The new project, “Decolonizing Wellness: Empowering Indigenous Youth,” is geared towards bridging gaps in Indigenous health and wellness education at TWOSE. The program will explore topics such as nutrition, body physiology, traditional Indigenous and contemporary sports, land-based survival, plant medicines and astronomy. By incorporating both Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science, the initiative aims to provide a well-rounded understanding of health.

Funding from the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF) will support the implementation of the project’s first year. This includes salaries for Indigenous staff, honorariums for Elders and Knowledge Keepers as well as fees for specialized professionals like a personal trainer, coach, dietician, and psychologist. Additionally, the funds will cover program supplies such as traditional materials, plants, sports equipment, and Western science materials.

TWOSE envisions the program making a meaningful impact on Indigenous communities by fostering well-being, preserving cultural heritage, and empowering Indigenous youth. By addressing the Physical and Emotional aspects of the Medicine Wheel, the initiative strives to create a more inclusive and comprehensive approach to health and wellness education.

Archdiocese of Edmonton