Embracing the Seventh Fire: A Journey of Cultural Revitalization

The Circle of Turtle Lodge, an organization based in Deacon, Ontario, at the head of Golden Lake in unceded Algonquin Territory, has been dedicated to reviving, promoting and restoring Traditional Anishinabe Culture in the Ottawa Valley since 1999.

The Circle’s “Embracing the Seventh Fire” initiative is named after the era in which we now live according to Algonquin Anishinabe prophecy. It seeks to bridge the cultural gap, revive traditional ways in harmony with Mother Earth and share guidance and revitalization with Anishinabe and non-Indigenous communities.

Funding from the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF) supported the initiative, helping to employ dedicated staff and cover administrative costs needed to develop and deliver culturally enriching programs to the Anishinabe people and the wider community. 

As part of the project, the Circle of Turtle Lodge scheduled and facilitated spiritual rites of passage for Indigenous adolescents, including fasts, naming ceremonies and clan teachings. The program also offered youth access to Elder knowledge and wisdom during ceremonies like the sweat lodge and shake tent. 

Through Embracing the Seventh Fire, the Circle of Turtle Lodge aims to develop and plan an annual calendar of events for the next five years, ensuring the preservation of traditions.

Limited access to cultural resources had left Indigenous communities without vital spiritual guidance, contributing to high rates of suicide and substance abuse. Local First Nations often prioritize their members, leaving non-members underserved. The project is hoping to bridge this gap by providing guidance and healing, while educating non-Indigenous people about Indigenous culture and traditions. Promoting cultural revitalization, education, and community outreach, “Embracing the Seventh Fire” is healing individuals and communities and fostering harmony.

About the Circle of Turtle Lodge

Founded in 1999, the Circle of Turtle Lodge has been a registered charity since 2015 with a mandate to revive, promote and restore traditional Anishinabe culture in the Ottawa Valley. In recent years, they have refined their focus to helping Indigenous People access Ceremony and Teachings from Traditional Elders and Spiritual Leaders. They worked on several projects, all with the common goal of cultural reclamation.

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