Finding Truth and Healing in Story

Through stories we connect, learn and foster empathy and compassion. As a longtime publisher committed to accurate and high quality First Nations content, Longhouse Publishing knows sharing stories is a crucial aspect of truth and reconciliation.

Amongst God’s Own is a collection of personal narratives that shed light on the experiences of Indigenous children who survived the residential school system. First published in 2002, the book quickly sold out with copies distributed to schools throughout Canada. Additional copies were reserved and sent to residential school survivors within the Mission, BC region. 

St. Mary’s Indian Residential School updated the first edition and is undergoing a subsequent re-print with the support of the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF). The updated edition will include newly identified student names, additional photographs from the Oblates to Mission Community Archives, a new copyright page, redesigned cover, and a new acknowledgments page.

Impact of reprinting and distributing Amongst God’s Own

The reprint of Amongst God’s Own provides an opportunity for more voices to be heard and increases the reach of this important work. The first-person knowledge and historical context delivered in the book have been widely used by educational institutions across the country to strengthen the understanding of Canada’s history. 

The swift selling of the first edition shows the demand to honour and understand the lives shared within residential schools is high. Providing additional stories and copies of the book ensures those experiences are not lost. 

In addition to the reprinting, funding from IRF will support further Indigenous engagement to reach survivors captured in the photographs, provide copies to the survivors of St. Mary’s and their families, and continue to make the book accessible to First Nation communities, schools and libraries. 

Longhouse Publishing

For more information on Amongst God’s Own, including the history of St. Mary’s Indian Residential School visit www.longhousepublishing.ca. Additional resources, and updates on the reprinting and distributing of this vital educational tool can also be found on the site. Together readers can confront the past, honour the survivors, and work towards a better future.

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