Healing Together in the Residential School Survivor Listening Circle

Residential schools have left wounds of generational trauma and cultural disconnection not just on those who attended the institutions, but on their children, grandchildren and other family members.

In Thunder Bay, Ontario, the Indigenous Ministry understands the need for intergenerational healing and connection and has created the Residential School Survivor Listening Circle, a place for sharing stories and finding healing.

The Circle is hosted monthly and provides a safe space for Residential School Survivors and their children to share their stories and be heard by others and the Church.

Financial support provided by the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF) covers the venue rental, travel costs, and hospitality expenses. Without this assistance, many within the Diocese would be unable to participate in the Circle.

Grounded in the wisdom of centuries, the Listening Circle provides a platform where every voice is heard, promoting healing through the power of listening. As a familiar Indigenous cultural tool, the Circle also helps restore lost dignity and is a pathway towards reconciliation.

Diocese of Thunder Bay