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Kendaasawin: Bi-Monthly Retreats by Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa

Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa was founded in 2001. Under the pillars of healing and training, it provides safe, culturally appropriate places to meet, pray and heal within the context of an Indigenous-led Catholic community that respects and celebrates Indigenous ways of being church.

Programming for the Kendaasawin project is designed for intergenerational participation, particularly for survivors, Elders and their families, with a special focus on youth. Funding from the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund will support six retreats over the year, led by Elders and focused on land-based cultural teachings. All events on the land will have an online component so that those who cannot attend in person can still participate.

The lasting effects of colonization and the residential school system continue to impact Indigenous peoples, who feel the loss of connection to self, community, nation and to creation (the land itself). The Kendaasawin project addresses the need for Indigenous peoples to heal these losses through land-based cultural activities in their own ways. The project also presents an opportunity for the Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall to find positive and meaningful ways to share its commitment to support Indigenous peoples.

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As the Kendaasawin project progresses, it will bring forth healing, understanding, and a renewed sense of community for all who participate. Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa’s dedication to its mission paves the way for a future where Indigenous traditions, customs, and ceremonies are cherished and respected, fostering a brighter and more inclusive path towards Reconciliation.

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