Neighbors Together at St. Matthew’s House

St. Matthews house was founded in 1967 by the local Anglican churches with the purpose of addressing hunger, poverty and a lack of affordable childcare in Hamilton, Ontario.

Neighbors Together is an Indigenous Reconciliation project that supports Indigenous residents of St. Matthew’s House. A collaboration between the African Canadian Caribbean Association and the Hamilton Regional Indian Center has built a strong relationship based on understanding of the impacts of colonization and the need to take action towards Truth and Reconciliation.

Indigenous Reconciliation Fund supported the Neighbors Together program by providing budget allocations for project coordination, Elder support and training materials. 

St. Matthews is currently operating as a service agency with staff of over 60 providing services such as childcare, housing, to 200 families and supporting over 3,000 vulnerable seniors facing food, income and housing security.

Acknowledging the legacy of colonization within Canada can help organizations and communities strive to understand the current day systemic issues which perpetuate current reality for homelessness and generational trauma. 

Programs such as Neighbors Together has allowed the Hamilton community to find solutions for permanent housing dedicated to supporting Indigenous seniors in need of a safe and culturally centered environment.

Additional Information

The property at 412 Barton will be converted to 15 deeply affordable units intended for seniors facing homelessness. This property consists of a special focus on Indigenous and Black older adults 55+, designating 50% of the units for women.

St. Matthew’s House Brochure

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