Nurturing spirits at the Native Peoples’ Mission

In Toronto, the Native Peoples’ Mission is the spiritual home for Indigenous Catholics who have moved from their home communities to the city.

It also provides guidance to other parishes, educational opportunities, programs and the celebration of the sacraments at other locations, including Wigwamen Terrace, a retirement residence for Indigenous seniors.

Funding from the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF) will support Every Parent Matters, one of the many programs facilitated by the Mission. It is a listening circle with guidance by Elder Dr. Bob Philips that offers a space for people to grieve and help cope with the loss of a child.

Funding will also support outreach to residents at Wigwamen Terrace and provide transportation, helping them attend Mass and seminars. In addition, the IRF grant will help maintain the Holy Fire at Allan Gardens, which honours Every Child Matters and is an ongoing tribute to the commitment of understanding Canada’s history.

The Native Peoples’ Mission goes beyond rituals and programs; it is a welcoming place for Indigenous Catholics, fostering healing and reconciliation. The Mission addresses the complex relationship between Indigenous faith and the Church’s impact on Indigenous culture. Through programs and seminars, it helps heal and offers Indigenous perspectives to non-Indigenous Catholics, contributing to a broader journey of understanding and reconciliation.

Archdiocese of Toronto