Culture and Language Revitalization

Providing the Seat to Set the Cultural Wheels in Motion

Saskatoon Tribal Council’s Wellness Centre in Saskatoon provides services for community members to engage in cultural revitalization and traditional teachings, as well as support services for mental health, addiction counseling and suicide prevention.

However, many individuals in need of these services do not have access to transportation, which can be a significant barrier to getting the help they require.

With the help of the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund, the Diocese of Saskatoon Catholic Foundation (DSCF) was able to initiate a new transportation solution to support the community in accessing these important healing services. The Cultural Wheels in Motion project will provide the Wellness Centre with a reliable transportation vehicle owned and operated by the Wellness Centre where individuals residing in areas with limited transportation options can access the centers programs and services.Access to the center empowers individuals to reconnect with their culture and receive the support they require. By addressing a recognized need and promoting spiritual growth, this project was in perfect alignment for the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund granting criteria. 

DSCF serves as a platform for charitable giving and supports the long-term needs of Catholic parishes, ministries, and non-profit organizations in the Saskatoon Diocese community. 

The Saskatoon Tribal Council, established in 1982, is a prominent Indigenous organization dedicated to building partnerships, delivering exceptional programs and services, and supporting the success of its member nations.

Through collaboration and community engagement, the Wellness Centre strives to create a respectful environment that fosters innovation, leadership, and sustainable economic development.

Diocese of Saskatoon Catholic Foundation