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Reviving Métis Traditions: Thames Bluewater Métis Council Annual Rendezvous

The Thames Bluewater Métis Council (TBWMC) is organizing the Annual Rendezvous, a traditional gathering that unites Métis citizens from the council’s catchment area.

The event celebrates and reconnects with Métis culture through worship, entertainment, food and knowledge sharing.

The Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF) is providing funding to support the expenses associated with hosting the Annual Rendezvous. This includes organizing the event, engaging knowledge holders, hiring an Indigenous caterer and managing logistical aspects. 

Traditionally, these gatherings were central to Métis life but were lost over time due to colonization and forced assimilation. The Annual Rendezvous holds immense significance for the Métis community as it helps reclaim and revitalize cultural heritage and instill a sense of pride, connection and self-governance among the Métis people. By reviving traditional practices and hosting gatherings that promote cultural reconnection, the Annual Rendezvous contributes to the ongoing process of Reconciliation.

Background on the Thames Bluewater Métis Council (TBWMC)

The TBWMC operates as the elected representatives of verified Métis citizens within their catchment area. As part of the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO), the TBWMC has been actively involved in hosting successful events and initiatives that promote cultural revitalization and community engagement.

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