Education and Community Building

St. Kateri Bursary paves the way for Indigenous students

Providing financial support for Indigenous students in their educational journey is a key part of reconciliation.

Bursaries often play an important role in opening the door to continuing studies, fostering self-esteem, and cultivating skills that students can later contribute to their communities.

Funding provided by the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund to the St. Kateri Bursary in the Diocese of Thunder Bay, Ontario will provide financial assistance to one Indigenous student from each of the four high schools in the district. The bursary will be awarded to students who have shown their commitment to promoting Indigenous culture and living daily according to Indigenous Catholic teachings.

Bursaries and scholarships often serve as a lifeline for Indigenous students and their families to ease the financial burden of education. For many, these opportunities become essential to pursue their academic goals and aspirations. Beyond financial aid, the St. Kateri Bursary also represents the belief in the potential of these students to contribute meaningfully to their communities and carry forward the richness of Indigenous culture.

Diocese of Thunder Bay