Teaching Métis culture through rug hooking

Rug hooking, a traditional art form among the Métis, has long been a means of providing for families. 

In an effort to preserve the craft, the Moon River Métis Council is hosting a two-day workshop, inviting participants to learn rug hooking.

During the workshop, participants will craft an 8″ x 8″ trivet, designing it based on templates provided by experienced instructors. Thanks to funding from the Indigenous Resilience Fund (IRF), the workshop’s expenses, including teacher honorariums, materials and facility rentals, will be covered. 

The workshops will help ensure that the art of rug hooking can be passed down and appreciated for generations to come. Beyond the creative aspect, the workshop offers an opportunity to connect with Métis culture, allowing participants to learn, create and expand their knowledge of heritage and traditions.

Bringing together Métis women and others, the workshop creates a space where shared experiences and cultural understanding can flourish. As participants engage in the art of rug hooking, they not only craft beautiful pieces but also create a net of communal support.

Diocese of Peterborough