• Dr. Peter Centre Expands Culture of Care Program

    The Dr. Peter Centre in Vancouver, BC, known for its holistic care approach for individuals facing HIV and other vulnerabilities, is in need of renewed funding to support critical initiatives within the urban Indigenous community in Vancouver.

  • Supporting Indigenous Ways of Being

    The Family Centre of Northern Alberta is dedicated to healing the profound impacts of colonization and generational trauma faced by Indigenous communities. Recognizing the legacy of Residential Schools, the 60's Scoop, and other colonial policies, the Centre believes in the power of reconciliation grounded in Indigenous worldviews and teachings.

  • Empowering Urban Indigenous Youth – “Rise Up: Braided Perspectives”

    Growing up in urban centers, Indigenous youth often experience a disconnection from their cultural roots and a lack of access to culturally safe resources and services. Since 2019, the Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association (ANFCA) has worked with youth from Friendship Centres across Alberta to address and support the unique needs of urban Indigenous youth.

  • Empowering Indigenous Women Through Positive Narratives

    Indigenous women in Western narratives often face negative stereotypes, perpetuating harmful misconceptions and contributing to real-world challenges – from being more likely to be victims of violence and experiencing racism and prejudice to being denied employment or adequate healthcare. Nokee Kwe, based in London, Ontario, has been addressing this issue through its Positive Voice Program since 2016.

  • Nurturing well-being with land-based Culture Camps

    Designed to address the disconnect between urban Indigenous youth and their cultural roots, the Culture Camps have hosted young campers every year in July and August for over 30 years. Camps are taking place in Clarendon Station on the traditional territory of the Anishinabewaki, Treaty 27, and have become communal gathering spaces for learning, traditional ceremonies, and recreational activities.

  • Supporting Indigenous Leadership: Keptin’s Regalia for a Spiritual Leader

    Funding from the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF) allowed the Diocese of Charlottetown's St. Bonaventure Parish initiative to support Keptin Benny Sark's new role as a spiritual leader of the Mi’kmaq Grand Council.

  • Empowering Traditions: Listuguj Powwow

    The Listuguj Powwow stands as a vibrant cultural cornerstone in Atlantic Canada, drawing thousands of attendees from Mi'kma'ki, surrounding provinces and the United States. The Powwow is not only an opportunity for cultural exchange but also a means to heal historical wounds and foster unity.

  • Ottawa Indigenous Children and Youth Pow Wow

    The call of the drum, the array of colours and the pride on little faces as they take their place in the grand entry all draw people to the Ottawa Indigenous Children and Youth Pow Wow. The celebration of Indigenous culture and people is hosted annually by the Odawa Native Friendship Centre.

  • Celebrating culture and tradition at the St’át’imc Declaration Gathering

    The St'át'imc Declaration Gathering is an annual event that brings together the St'át'imc people, a First Nation located in the southern Coast Mountains and Fraser Canyon region of British Columbia.