How to Access Funding

Contact your local Archdioceses/Dioceses in your Community to discuss how to apply to the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund

Criteria and Guidelines

General Funding Information Before You Apply

The IRF has established General Criteria and Granting Guidelines to assist Diocesan/Regional Reconciliation Committees in their local engagement of and discernment with Indigenous Partners.

The IRF Board reviews the grant applications, and when approved, disburses the funds to the projects and initiatives the meet the guidelines and are within the budget of monies contributed to the Fund by the Diocese or Region. The review process includes an evaluation matrix, to score the proposals and intent with a specific focus on the following guidelines:

  • Healing and Reconciliation for Communities and Families;
  • Culture and Language Revitalization;
  • Education and Community Building; and
  • Dialogues for Promoting Indigenous Spirituality and Culture

Grant Application Process

Once a reconciliation project or initiative has been deemed to have local significance by a Diocesan/Regional Reconciliation Committee (or its equivalent), the Committee is to complete the Grant Application form. Grant applications, with its related attachments, and signed by the Local Diocese/Regional Reconciliation Committees, are to be forwarded electronically to

Upon receipt of the grant application, the Administrative Officer will review its contents and work with the Diocesan/Regional Reconciliation Committee to make any necessary changes to ensure compliance with the General Criteria and Granting Guidelines prior to the application being submitted to the IRF for approval.

The IRF Board Directors will evaluate the proposals for approval at its regularly scheduled monthly meetings. Questions about the application process and form can be directed to the IRF Administrative Officer at

Donate Now

The Indigenous Reconciliation Fund has raised $14,765,122.62 to date, putting the fund on schedule to exceed its five-year $30 million commitment. Join Canada’s Bishops in supporting a better future for Indigenous people.

Goal: $30 Million
$14,765,122.62 – 49.22%

Annual Report

We are pleased to present the first annual report of the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF) as part of our on-going commitment to transparency and good governance. It provides an overview of our activities and achievements from the past year, including financial information and project highlights and offers a comprehensive look at our continued journey towards healing and reconciliation.

“Drawing strength from our experiences and using that understanding to help others guides us in assessing proposals, and grounds our efforts in the traditional teachings and ways of healing that are so important for Indigenous people.”

Rosella Kinoshameg

Chair Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF)