Empowering Urban Indigenous Healing

The Mashkiwizii Manido Foundation provides services and programming that address mental health, addiction and trauma recovery needs of the urban Indigenous population in Renfrew County, Ontario and surrounding areas.

The Foundation embraces a holistic, client-centred approach, nurturing mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Culturally supportive healing techniques include one-on-one counselling, group support, the Red Road to Recovery program, Acudetox acupuncture, workshops, Kairos blanket exercises, cultural awareness training, ceremonies, land-based training & activities, crafting, drumming, singing and more.

In 2023, a grant from the Indigenous Relief Fund (IRF) supported the work of the Foundation, with funds dedicated to covering salaries and honorariums for counsellors and facilitators, language classes, rent and other expenses.

For years, the urban Indigenous population in Renfrew County has lacked accessible, culturally sensitive support services, especially for those requiring specialized intergenerational trauma, residential school or 60s Scoop-related care. A community needs analysis completed in the fall of 2021 supported the need for Indigenous-led mental health and addiction services. This project directly addressed that pressing need, providing a safe space for healing and cultural revitalization, made available to all urban Indigenous youth in the region.

About The Mashkiwizii Manido Foundation

Established in October 2022, the Mashkiwizii Manido Foundation is a federally recognized Indigenous not-for-profit organization. Indigenous-led and Indigenous-staffed, with support from their sister agency, the Robbie Dean Counselling Centre, Mashkiwizii Manido Foundation is dedicated to preserving and nurturing Indigenous spirituality and culture.

To learn more about their work, visit http://www.mashkiwiziimanidofoundation.com/

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