A healing pavilion for the Our Lady of Mercy Parish

As part of their commitment to the Enoch Cree Nation and the Truth and Reconciliation of Canada, Our Lady of Mercy Parish in Edmonton, Alberta, is devoted to restoring a foundation of shared faith and tradition with Indigenous community members.

The Parish is planning to build a healing pavilion, featuring aisles and a platform, and surrounded by traditional gardens. Situated near the Church, the pavilion will serve as a sacred space for prayer, spirituality, healing, and celebration. Funded by a grant from the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF), it will accommodate up to a hundred people, and will cover essential aspects of the project, including drawings, blueprints, project consulting, electrical installations, and all necessary building materials.

The pavilion is envisioned as a hub for diverse denominations and traditional practices, fostering inclusivity and cultural richness. From outside masses and weddings to pipe ceremonies, traditional feasts, and cultural teachings, the pavilion supports the Parish’s commitment to providing a space for spiritual growth and Indigenous traditions.

The initiative supports the Parish’s belief that the preservation of Indigenous Traditional Knowledge is vital for the well-being and resilience of future generations. By creating a space for cultural activities, language preservation, and spiritual connectivity to the land, Our Lady of Mercy Parish is playing a role in nurturing the rich traditions of the Indigenous community.

Archdiocese of Edmonton