• St. Albert Catholic Schools’ Commitment to Indigenous Education

    In the spirit of reconciliation and acknowledging the historical role of the Church in the residential school system, Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools in St. Albert, Alberta, are committed to fostering healing and growth within their school communities. A key priority in the organization’s three-year plan is to incorporate the teaching and learning of knowledge of First Nations, Inuit and Métis in educational plans.

  • Empowering Indigenous Youth Through Sports

    Sport has the power to build a sense of belonging, enhance mental health, foster friendships, and boost school attendance and resilience. Recognizing this, Ever Active Schools (EAS), in collaboration with Jasper Place High School's Indigenous Leading Spirits Club in Edmonton, Alberta, is embarking on a journey to create an Indigenous Sports Program.

  • Embracing Indigenous Knowledge in Environmental Advocacy

    The Sierra Club BC (SCBC) is undergoing a significant transformation to enhance its support for Indigenous communities grappling with environmental challenges, climate change impacts, and the need for cultural revitalization and healing. With a 50+ year history dedicated to biodiversity and climate change issues, SCBC recognizes the critical need to align its efforts with Indigenous Knowledge, Rights, and priorities.

  • Notre Dame High School fosters reconciliation through student exchange

    Notre Dame High School, a school within the Ottawa Catholic School Board, is dedicated to blending tradition, culture and learning with Christian living. Embracing a mission that encourages spiritual growth and societal transformation, the school incorporates teachings on reconciliation and decolonization through a Catholic lens into its curriculum.

    To support this mission, Notre Dame High School will be hosting a group of Dene students from Deh Gáh Secondary School in Fort Providence, NWT.

  • Building Bridges: Wasauksing Kinomaugewgamik School in Parry Sound

    Wasauksing Kinomaugewgamik School, a First Nation school for students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8, is eager to strengthen ties with other schools in Parry Sound. With a commitment to fostering cultural understanding, the school plans to host a series of events, ceremonies and activities involving Parry Sound schools and the Wasauksing Kinomaugewgamik School First Nations community.

  • Support for Indigenous Seniors at Wigwamen Terrace

    Wigwamen Incorporated, Ontario's oldest urban Indigenous housing provider, is addressing this critical issue through its Family and Seniors Housing portfolio in Toronto. Wigwamen Terrace, one of the organization's longstanding buildings, is home to 127 residents, 95% of whom are First Nation, Métis, or Inuit.

  • Teach For Canada-Gakinaamaage’s mission to bridge Canada’s education gap

    Teach For Canada-Gakinaamaage steps into this educational gap by collaborating with remote Nations to recruit dedicated teachers, offering community-focused training, and providing comprehensive support.

  • St. Kateri Bursary paves the way for Indigenous students

    Providing financial support for Indigenous students in their educational journey is a key part of reconciliation. Bursaries often play an important role in opening the door to continuing studies, fostering self-esteem, and cultivating skills that students can later contribute to their communities.

  • Empowering Indigenous Elders Through Literacy

    The Literacy Circle’s (TLC) Learning for Life initiative provides English literacy training and essential math skills to Indigenous Elders and adults, including Residential and Day School Survivors and Intergenerational Survivors. This initiative was born out of a need expressed by Elders in the Snuneymuwx (Nanaimo) area, many of whom lacked formal education due to their experiences in Residential and Day Schools

  • Building Bridges: Truth and Reconciliation with The People Bridge Advocacy

    The People Bridge Advocacy (PBA) is a non-profit organization that builds positive relationships among diverse communities. In 2017, PBA partnered with Elder and Knowledge Keeper Harry Lafond and the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation to bring together Indigenous and New Canadian communities to exchange knowledge on Indigenous history and cultures.