Culturally Safe Childbirth for Indigenous Families

Healing and reconciliation are integral elements of providing culturally safe healthcare for Indigenous people.

Covenant Health in Edmonton, Alberta is one of Canada’s largest Catholic healthcare organizations, driven by a mission to support all individuals and deliver holistic healing for the body, mind, and soul, irrespective of identity.

The organization is embarking on a phased project to enhance the experience of Indigenous families giving birth at the Misericordia Hospital. Their goal is to cultivate a more supportive and positive environment within the women’s health unit, ensuring that all individuals and families undertaking the journey of childbirth feel welcomed, valued, and respected.

Funding from the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund will allow Covenant to provide continued education and cultural awareness training. The grant will also support workshops and stakeholder gatherings, the design of a cultural birthing room, and honorariums for Indigenous leaders and Elders to share valuable advice and consultation throughout the project.

Healthcare organizations like Covenant have the opportunity to act as allies to Indigenous peoples, contributing to the resurgence and reclamation of traditional roles, teachings, and practices related to pregnancy, childbirth, and mothering. This initiative reflects a shared responsibility within the Canadian healthcare system to support and integrate these essential aspects of Indigenous culture and spirituality.

Archdiocese of Edmonton