Healing and Reconciliation for Indigenous Elders and Seniors

The scars of historical injustices weigh heavily on Indigenous Elders and seniors, creating a pressing need for healing, reconciliation, and cultural revitalization.

The Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre (EASC), with its over 300 members, knows all too well the profound impact of intergenerational trauma, loss of cultural knowledge, and fractured identities on its community.

In response, EASC has launched the “Connecting Roots” program, a holistic initiative designed to facilitate healing and reconciliation for its members. The program encompasses workshops, culture walks, ceremonies, medicine wheel teachings, land-based teachings, language sessions, and opportunities to connect with their ancestral land or return home – often for the first time in decades. Recognizing the diverse needs of participants, the program includes translation services, food security, and transportation.

With support from the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF), EASC can cover essential costs such as program support staff salaries, a driver, Elder honoraria, workshop facilitator fees, and all materials and supplies required for cultural activities and excursions.

“Connecting Roots” is an opportunity for Elders and seniors to immerse themselves in their heritage, rediscover their languages, and reclaim their traditions. By providing a supportive and culturally rich environment, EASC can address the urgent need expressed by its members to be heard, understood, and reconnected to their roots. Since 1986, EASC has been a vital hub for Indigenous seniors, fostering social, educational, recreational, spiritual, and intergenerational activities.

Archdiocese of Edmonton