Indigenous-Led Reconciliation Workshops with Returning to Spirit

As the Indigenous populations in Winnipeg and surrounding areas continue to grow, it is important to improve understanding and relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

The workshops offered by Returning to Spirit provide a foundational step towards healing and reconciliation, and participants often discover how previously held behaviours, judgements and beliefs have kept them disempowered and disconnected.

The grant money provided through the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund will fund a full round of workshops starting in 2023. In addition to single and multi-day reconciliation workshops, topics include Indian Residential Schools and Childhood Sexual Abuse. Through guided circle sharing, open dialogue and cultural revitalization activities, the workshops promote healing, reconciliation and personal growth for participants.

Returning to Spirit background

Since 2001, the organization’s first focus has been on healing the trauma resulting from the residential school experience. Over the years, Returning to Spirit has successfully conducted workshops, seminars and initiatives fostering healing and reconciliation. The organization is Indigenous led and overseen by a board made up of Indigenous and non-Indigenous members. 

For more information on Returning to Spirit and testimonials about their work, visit their website at https://www.returningtospirit.org.

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