Indigenous Ministry Office fosters healing through vital programs in Thunder Bay

The Indigenous Ministry Office, under the Diocese of Thunder Bay, plays a vital role in supporting the Indigenous population in the Thunder Bay area and its surrounding communities.

 The Office manages programs such as monthly Healing Circles for Residential School Survivors and an Elders Council to the Bishop that meets regularly to discuss how to assist community members in the Diocese.

The office also serves as a link between outlying areas and Thunder Bay, offering resource materials to promote faith and healing. It provides on-going support for those seeking guidance on matters related to faith, culture, or general direction.

Funding from the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF) will cover a volunteer honorarium for the year, acknowledging the dedication and effort required for the effective organization of these initiatives.

The Indigenous Ministry Office has successfully hosted many cultural events, fostering unity between cultural and Catholic faith beliefs, such as the Holy Hour for Missing and Murdered Children, Honoring our Ancestors on all Souls Day, and Blessing of the Bundles. These events are opportunities for listening and healing and celebrating community.

Diocese of Thunder Bay