The Cost of Silence – #USTOO

In a world where voices are more powerful than ever, the educational documentary “The Cost of Silence – #USTOO” takes viewers on a journey through the hidden costs of silence among victims of childhood sexual abuse, in particular male survivors.

Through powerful storytelling, intimate interviews and expert insights, the production shines a light on the individuals and communities affected by silence, inspiring viewers to question the true price of complicity and most importantly, how we can begin to end childhood sexual abuse for all.

In the spirit of reconciliation and healing, the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF) was able to contribute to many components of the project, including counselor training, program resources, online support, post-production work and educational materials. 

The Cost of Silence – #USTOO offers two editions:

The Healer’s Edition focuses on abuse survivors and the vital role of providing healing services with a trauma-informed approach. It features 10 survivors, including 3 from First Nation communities and experts from across the globe. It aims to broaden understanding of the challenges faced by male victims and why it is crucial to offer specialized support.

The Preventative Justice Edition focuses on providing healing services to individuals at risk of harming, such as pedophiles and hebephiles, with the goal of preventing them from committing offenses. This segment highlights the expertise of Germany’s Troubled Desire program, renowned for its success. It has not only become part of the German healthcare system but also serves as a global model, with the potential to prevent 99.9% of these individuals from engaging in ‘hands-on’ offenses when implemented in communities worldwide.

“The Cost of Silence – #USTOO” project is a powerful contributor to truth and reconciliation efforts. Childhood sexual abuse is a painful part of history in Indigenous communities that has long been silenced. In supplying educational DVDs, digital access, and training seminars, Kimberlite Media is actively promoting reconciliation between survivors and society. Their work goes beyond just addressing the consequences of abuse; it seeks to create a safer environment for all individuals, healing the wounds of the past and promoting a culture of empathy and support.

For more information about Kimberlite Media and the Cost of Silence – #USTOO project, please visit their website at https://rcav.org/tcos

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