Wellbriety Circle – A culturally based approach to healing

Alcohol and substance use, stemming from the intergenerational trauma inflicted by the residential school system, have become a coping mechanism for many Indigenous people.

The weekly Wellbriety Circle at the Dilico Anishinabek Family Care Centre in Fort William First Nation, near Thunder Bay, Ontario, offers a culturally based approach to support healing from addiction and intergenerational trauma. The program uses cultural values and teachings to address not only addiction but co-occurring disorders and the deep wounds of intergenerational trauma. While rooted in Indigenous cultural practices, the program welcomes participants from all backgrounds.

Funding granted through the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF) covers program expenses such as Wellbriety books, workbooks and handouts for participants, as well as training for facilitators and refreshments for attendees.

Beyond sobriety and recovery, the “Well” in Wellbriety is an inspiration for a life of ongoing wellness and healing. The Wellbriety Circle is a journey toward a better, healthier future—a journey that embodies the spirit of collective healing and cultural resilience.

Diocese of Thunder Bay