Education and Community Building

Embracing Indigenous Knowledge in Environmental Advocacy

The Sierra Club BC (SCBC) is undergoing a significant transformation to enhance its support for Indigenous communities grappling with environmental challenges, climate change impacts, and the need for cultural revitalization and healing.

With a 50+ year history dedicated to biodiversity and climate change issues, SCBC recognizes the critical need to align its efforts with Indigenous Knowledge, Rights, and priorities.

As a non-Indigenous agency, SCBC is mindful of not speaking on behalf of Indigenous people. With the help of funding from the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF), SCBC will be able to establish and fund an Indigenous Advisory Committee. Funds will be put towards committee member honorariums and contractor fees, as well as cover a portion of the salaries of SCBC senior managers dedicated to engagement with Indigenous communities.

The committee will guide SCBC in setting priorities, building and nurturing Indigenous relations, and connecting with Indigenous representative organizations that speak on behalf of communities.

SCBC recognizes Indigenous Knowledge as an antidote to harmful environmental and resource extraction practices, and firmly believes that adopting a more sustainable approach to the environment will contribute to reversing climate change. As a registered charity, SCBC aims to build a collective movement that invites everyone to care for ecosystems. Their commitment to Indigenous collaboration is an essential step in fostering a sustainable and inclusive future.

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