Empowering Indigenous Voices for Positive Change

Despite ongoing commitments and efforts towards Truth and Reconciliation, the lasting impacts of colonization continue to persist in Canada today. Indigenous people experience micro-aggressions, discrimination and outright racism in society, institutions and work environments, leading to struggles with cultural identities, feelings of hopelessness, and hesitancy to pursue opportunities due to fears of unfair treatment.

In help Indigenous people cope with these challenges, IndigenEYEZ, a small Indigenous-led organization, has crafted two impactful workshop series. The HERON series equips participants with tools and confidence to confront oppressive forces, fostering the ability to speak out against injustice. The SPARK series focuses on strengthening vital relationships—with oneself, with others, with the land, and with culture. 

With funding from the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF), IndigenEYEZ will be able to host 14 virtual workshops throughout 2024. The funds will cover salaries for a Program Director, Operations Coordinator and Program Administrator, fees for Lead Indigenous facilitators, and honorariums for Elders and Aunties contributing their Knowledge. Additionally, the funding will allow IndigenEYEZ to develop marketing materials and manage their social media for targeted outreach to First Nations.

IndigenEYEZ’ workshops apply an Indigenous lens to increasing confidence, empathy, teamwork, and creativity – tools that help us come together for positive change. Based in BC, it is a small team that delivered their first workshops in 2014. Thanks to collaborations with strong partners and Nations, they have been able to reach over 20,000 participants to date.

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