Education and Community Building

Empowering Indigenous Youth Through Sports

Sport has the power to build a sense of belonging, enhance mental health, foster friendships, and boost school attendance and resilience.

Recognizing this, Ever Active Schools (EAS), in collaboration with Jasper Place High School’s Indigenous Leading Spirits Club in Edmonton, Alberta, is embarking on a journey to create an Indigenous Sports Program. The focus is on promoting healing and reconciliation within communities while providing leadership opportunities for youth through sports, recreation, and athletics.

The cornerstone of this initiative is an annual multi-sport tournament hosted at Jasper Place High School. The event will unite Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, families, and communities across Central Alberta, fostering a sense of community and shared experiences.

With support from the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF), the program will come to life. The grant will cover dedicated personnel to implement community programming, transportation expenses, jerseys, sporting equipment, tournament and event fees, as well as cultural equipment for land-based learning opportunities.

Indigenous led, the program’s core objectives include promoting youth leadership, education, and community building. Through physical activity, the initiative seeks to contribute to the healing process, providing a platform where communities and families can connect. Inclusivity is a key value, ensuring that community members, families, parents/guardians, and Elders all feel welcome to participate in the positive experiences the initiative offers.

Ever Active Schools, a registered national charity based in Alberta, envisions healthy school communities that support optimal health and learning for all students. Their comprehensive school health framework and collaborative approach bring together stakeholders from the health sector, sports, communities, and schools to address pressing issues in the education system.

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