Culture and Language Revitalization

Reviving Tradition: The Restoration of St. Pius X Church at Yuquot, BC

The village of Yuquot, the traditional home of the Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nations, is located on Nootka Island, British Columbia.

At the heart of the village stands St. Pius X Church, a symbol of cultural significance and community unity.

Built in 1956, the church has been more than a place of worship for the Nootka people, it has been a hub for community gatherings and events. The Land of Maquinna Cultural Society, established in 1995, is at the forefront of a project to preserve and restore the church, a significant step toward renewing traditional ways, practices, and growing reconciliation with global friends and partners.

Funding provided through the Indigenous Restoration Fund (IRF) was allocated to a number of aspects of the project, from archival display prints and the installation of a Chief Maquinna carving by artist Pat Amos to furnishings for the caretaker quarters. 

The restoration of St. Pius X Church at Yuquot goes beyond a physical renewal, it is a way to ensure that the stories, art and traditions of the Nootka people remain accessible to both the local community and the world at large. It serves as an educational resource and a symbol of cultural pride for the Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nations.


The Land of Maquinna Cultural Society was established in 1995. The mission of the organization is to preserve, protect and interpret the cultural history of the Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nations (MMFN). The vision is to educate the world community about the cultural heritage of the Nootka people. The Elders of the Community, at that time, headed by Chief Ambrose Maquinna, defined what Economic Development meant for the MMFN. Yuquot (also known as Friendly Cove) was the common focus.

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