Dialogues for Promoting Indigenous Spirituality and Culture

Supporting Indigenous Leadership: Keptin’s Regalia for a Spiritual Leader

Funding from the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF) allowed the Diocese of Charlottetown’s St. Bonaventure Parish initiative to support Keptin Benny Sark’s new role as a spiritual leader of the Mi’kmaq Grand Council.

The funds were allocated towards crafting regalia for the new spiritual leader, created by skilled artisan Ida Simon. The regalia honour Indigenous spirituality and culture while recognizing the Keptin’s vital role within the Grand Council.

About St. Bonaventure Parish

St. Bonaventure Parish, the receiving charity for this project, has a long history of collaboration with Indigenous communities in Prince Edward Island, particularly the Mi’kmaq People of Scotchfort. In partnership with the parish, the late Keptin John Joe Sark organized various celebrations to promote awareness of Truth and Reconciliation. Recently, the parish held a commemoration celebration for the discovered remains of Mi’kmaq ancestors, who were provided a dignified resting place at St. Bonaventure’s after 400 years.

Diocese of Charlottetown