Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse in Rural Communities

One in six men experiences childhood sexual abuse, a haunting statistic that has often been silenced, particularly within Indigenous communities.

Kimberlite Media confronts this painful reality with “The Cost of Silence #UsToo – Healer’s Edition,” a DVD training program and resource aimed at supporting those helping to heal survivors of childhood sexual abuse, specifically focusing on male survivors. The series, featuring experts and survivors, sheds light on the profound impact of childhood sexual abuse on men and the unique challenges they encounter on their healing journey.

The Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF) supported many components of this project, including counselor training, program resources, online support, post-production work, and educational materials (read more here). Kimberlite Media is now planning to expand the program’s reach to rural Indigenous communities. Funding from the IRF will support the distribution of DVD packages and supporting materials to 15 communities, in addition to training for counselors and case workers through the BC Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse.

“The Cost of Silence #UsToo” is a call to action, urging society to acknowledge the pervasive issue of sexual violations. The project’s primary objectives are to ensure that all victims of sexual violations have access to help and to proactively prevent child sexual abuse by providing support to those who may pose harm. Through education, awareness, and outreach, Kimberlite Media strives to break the silence surrounding childhood sexual abuse, fostering healing and prevention, including in Indigenous communities.

Archdiocese of Vancouver