Culture and Language Revitalization

pimācihtātān nēhiyawēwin: “Keeping Our Language Alive” Conference

The pimācihtātān nēhiyawēwin: “Keeping Our Language Alive” Conference took place in May 2023 at Dakota Dunes Resort in Saskatchewan.

The event focused on lessons learned from current Indigenous language strategies and exploring innovative approaches for the future, uniting grassroots speakers, aspiring language advocates and allies of Indigenous people. By addressing the historical loss of Indigenous languages and cultures, organizers hope to pave the way for reconciliation, healing and revitalization. 

Funding provided through the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund covered expenses for the venue, event logistics, guest speakers as well as meals and snacks for the over 200 participants over the two-day event. 

The organizers firmly believe that language is a cornerstone of culture, and its preservation is vital for nurturing strong identities and vibrant communities. By partnering with Indigenous language advocates, educators and community leaders, the conference is backed by a wealth of expertise, experience and dedication to fostering a language-rich future.

Diocese of Saskatoon