Thames Bluewater Métis Council’s Annual Rendezvous

The Métis community across Canada has endured the impacts of colonization, resulting in the erosion of their traditions and cultural heritage.

By gathering together, Métis citizens are hoping to rebuild a sense of pride and connection that has been lost within the community.

The Thames Bluewater Métis Council (TBWMC) in London, Ontario is an important communication hub for the Métis Nation of Ontario and plays a significant role in fostering community empowerment and development. The Council organizes an Annual Rendezvous for Métis citizens in the area to come together, reconnect with their roots, and revitalize cultural practices. 

Thanks to funding from the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF), the TBWMC can cover the majority of expenses for the Rendezvous, including honorariums for knowledge keepers who will share their expertise in Michif language and cultural expressions like beading, finger weaving, fiddling, and tin smithing. The funds will also provide honorariums for environmental action experts and event organizers, as well as cover an Indigenous caterer known for providing exceptional cuisine at previous Rendezvous events. 

In modern Métis life, the Rendezvous holds great significance as it provides a unique opportunity for community members to rekindle their connection to their heritage and traditional skills. By convening knowledge holders in one place, the Rendezvous facilitates a journey of rediscovery, fostering a renewed sense of pride and belonging among Métis individuals who may have felt disconnected from their culture.

Diocese of London