Culture and Language Revitalization

Revitalizing Métis Culture Through Language

The Michif Language Revitalization Circle (MLRC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the Michif language and Métis culture.

MRC’s Language Programs support Métis in reclaiming self-identity and promote generational dialogue between Youth, adults and Elders.

2023 funding provided through the Indigenous Relations Fund (IRF) supports three events to promote MLRC’s Michif programs and the website: a Meet & Greet with Knowledge Keeper Brousse Flammand, a National Indigenous Peoples Day display at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC and attendance at the Songhees Orange Shirt Day Pow Wow.

Being at these events is important to ensure that Métis people can access MLRC’s Language programs and connect with a community of Michif Language Learners. It will give MLRC an opportunity to spread the knowledge that its Language Programs are available to everyone at no cost and are designed for different skill levels and needs.

Métis people are often disconnected and removed from their culture and language, and many did not grow up knowing that they are Métis. Colonization, the residential school system and the sixties scoop have led to many older Métis being ashamed of and hiding their culture. Today, Métis are beginning to reconnect and reclaim culture, finding family, building community and mending the broken chain that once passed language and culture from the ancestors to the Elders, Elders to adults and adults to Youth.

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MLRC is committed to providing accessible resources for learning the Michif language and creating a supportive community for language learners of all ages. Through their website, MLRC offers online language lessons, audio recordings, and a platform for virtual language circles. The organization’s ongoing efforts to preserve and revitalize the Michif language contribute to the cultural heritage and identity of Métis people.

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